Treat your pet to a day at Arfington. You'll both love it!
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  Arfington Pet Resort - dog and cat boarding facility in Tamarac Florida  
Arfington Pet Resort located at 3910 NW 49 St, Tamarac Florida 33309
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Welcome to Arfington Pet Resort's Facilities page!

Hopefully these pictures will give you an idea of what the resort looks like and what we have to offer to our guests. Feel free to stop by and see it in person any day of the week, but please avoid visiting during the hours of 12:00 to 2:00 PM. That when the dogs take their mid-day naps and we do not like to disrupt them.

Arfington Facility

Lobby Lobby
We have 4 different sizes of suites available:
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Our Petite suite is perfect for dogs 25 pounds or less.
Petite Suites Petite Suite
Our Medium suites will be comfortable for most medium dogs, under 55 pounds.
Medium Suites Medium Suite
Our Large suites will accommodate any large dog or combination of large dogs.
Large Suite

We also have Premium suites, which are indoor/outdoor suites with their own private patios. These suites are large enough for most any dog or dogs. We highly recommend them for dogs that will not be socializing with the other dogs so they can have as much outdoor time as they want.
Premium Suite
All suites are fully climate controlled with state of the art HVAC units with UV lights and filters that clean the air as it passes through the system. At night the dogs get music, aromatherapy, and bedtime snacks and they drift gently off to sleep.
Our Cat condos each have three levels and are quite spacious.
The upper units have windows to the outside to watch the birds and clouds outside. All units have a view of the "virtual aquarium" to keep kitty entertained. If your cat is friendly and adventurous, we will take him or her out of the condo and play with them in the lounge area of the cattery.
Cat Condos Cat Condos
We have a full grooming salon with Licensed Groomers.
Each of our Groomers have 20+ years experience.
We also do grooms on the weekends.
Grooming Salon
We have 3 separate outdoor play yards.
There is a big play yard with a large pool generally used for the large dogs. There are both grass and beachy areas to run and play in and a majestic tree that provides wonderful shade, perfect for a lazy afternoon nap. The next yard is used for introductions and for private play times. The third yard is for the small dogs and has its own pool. There is grass for the little ones to run and roll in and our beautiful pergola provides plenty of lovely shade.
Play Yards Play Yards
Play Yards Play Yards
Our staff is knowledgeable, experienced, and caring. Your pets are in the best of hands when they are at Arfington Pet Resort.
Arfington Staff Arfington Staff