Treat your pet to a day at Arfington. You'll both love it!
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  Arfington Pet Resort dog and cat boarding facility in Tamarac Florida  
Arfington Pet Resort located at 3910 NW 49 St, Tamarac Florida 33309
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Welcome to Arfington Pet Resort in Tamarac Florida

We know how you feel about your pet, because we feel the same way. We know that you can only enjoy your day away, if you know that your pet is also enjoying theirs! At Arfington they will be so busy having fun they won't even have time to miss you (much). They also may not notice that their health and safety is our priority, but we want you to know that.

Your dog may choose to relax in the shade, or bask in the sunshine, or swim, or socialize with the other guests, or play in a playhouse, or spend some private time with one of our staff members or all of the above. If they spend the night with us, they will stay in their own fully climate-controlled, comfy suite and will be tucked in with a bedtime snack and soothing music to sleep by.

If your cat stays with us they will have their own spacious tri-level suite. They can watch the fish swimming in our "virtual" aquarium. The penthouse units have windows where they can watch the birds and other outdoor activities. There is also a lounge area where they can come out individually and prowl around with one of our loving staff members.

Dog or cat, our objective is keep them busy having fun all day so they go to bed happy and tired, sleep well, and wake up rested and ready for another great day. If that is what you want for your beloved friend, then you really should bring them to Arfington Pet Resort!

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